The Savvy Demon's Guide To Godly Living

The Savvy Demon's Guide To Godly Living
#5 BESTSELLER - SATIRE FOR KINDLE #6 BESTSELLER - SATIRE BOOKS ON AMAZON.COM #27 BESTSELLER - CHRISTIAN FICTION FOR KINDLE Poor Melchior.  Oh, sure, being a demon sounds like lots of fun: tempting, deceiving, distracting and all that. But what if the church you're assigned to never does anything? Compton Baptist Church has about as much impact on their community as a bag of moldy tangerines--which means this fallen angel is bored out of his mind! In an attempt to alleviate the dull monotony of his life, Melchior pays a drunken visit to the pastor he's assigned to.  Despite the unlikely source, the visit changes Pastor Doug Pinkerton's life. When his eyes are opened to the truths of following Christ with all that he is, Compton, New Jersey will never be the same again. Disciples are made, souls are won and lives are changed in this satirical novel about denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Jesus Christ.  Please note: This story is intended for mature audiences. It is absolutely written to glorify God, but it deals with people at all stages of fait...
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