Slander & Doubt

by Alistair Baillie

Slander & Doubt
Enter the mind of a rapist… who's sleeping with your wife. Enter your own mind. Enter the minds of ordinary men. Unflnchingly explore rape, infidelity, drug use, BDSM, prostitution in the burning crucible of Slander & Doubt... this novel won't shy away from the truth - will you? Why should you be interested? Because that burning crucible is in your own mind. Think not? Listen to the novel's main protagonist: "You're immune to insecurity, right? You have the odd moment, sure, but it's other people that let doubt take them over, that endlessly analyse their relationships and replay their glories and flaws, not you... right? You'd never be like me, Ken, at this moment lying awake sick to my stomach, in thrall to the accusation that my wife, Lol, is having an affair with a rapist. The rapist is an everyman family-man who flounders between the high of sexual assault and the low of self-loathing. To escape his urges he buries himself in work, drink, drugs, and sex, but his is a lifelong search for the woman who will understand him, love him anyway, and cure him of the need to rape. ...
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