The Passing Of Time

by T. K. Gall

The Passing Of Time
Ethel and Louis met at a young age in Tennessee. Ethel was very impressible, and Louis infatuated her. Ethel was the good girl, but Louis was from the other side of the tracks. Ethel knew she should not pursue this relationship, but she could not help herself. Louis sparked emotion Ethel never felt. Louis is a man tortured by demons and consumed with fear; fear of showing he cannot express love. Louis leaves for the Army to escape his feelings, only to find that they grew stronger. Will his love be their demise or will it be their salvation? Ethel is tormented without Louis. She worries if he will survive. She is torn between her love for God and Louis. All of her instincts are telling her to run, while her heart says different. This enthralling story tells of how two people, despite the love, hate, and jealousy, can have a relationship with each other and with God.
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