Dear Diary; Daily Thoughts Of A Serial Killer

by Raven Usher

Dear Diary; Daily Thoughts Of A Serial Killer
Do you have the stomach to read the actual diary of a serial killer. To see each event, each killing, through the killers perceptions. A top model has become obsessed with retaining her youthful look to prolong her career. After overhearing a conversation involving a photographer who has just done a shoot with her commenting on air brushing small lines around her eyes she goes off the deep end. She spending days researching anti-aging products and procedures. A story about Countess Elizabeth Báthory, the Blood Countess, plants the seed of using blood to hold back age. A short while later her friend has an accident that gives her the opportunity to try applying blood to her face as an anti-aging treatment. Its success lights the fuse on a horrific quest for beauty. The only way to get her new "elixir" is to kill and drain blood. She lures men to her house with promises of sex and then slaughters them. The story comes to a head when a police detective ignores an FBI profile and follows his gut in chasing her down. When the killer and the detective finally clash it results in a full m...
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